1.21.09 ~ Dennis Fountaine

I see your toes shimmering in the light
I see them looking all pretty standing up right
I see them lined up like soldiers, oh what a sight
I see my face looking back at me ever so bright
I see little Moe winking his nail
I see Big Joe waving hello
I see their colors change to and fro
I see your toes showing their delight
I see them fight to fit in your shoes
I see them sigh when you take flight
I see your toes scream with fright when you climb those stairs
I see them humble and bold as they’re trying to take hold
I see them stumble and fall as you dance ever so bold
I see them pant and rave as you take off your shoes
I see them happy and relieved when your day is done
I see them all curled in happy procession as you say goodnight