12.10.08 ~ Dennis Fountaine

Over me, over you, over us, what a mess
Itís up to me to make a guess
Do I stay, do I go, or do I just do my best
Is it me, is it her, is it us that destroyed the nest
Do I try, do I rest, or have I flunked the test
Was it love, was it lust, or was I just her guest
Over her, over us, will I ever be at rest
Itís a shame, itís a pity, it just didnít have to be so less
Itís my heart, itís her soul, itís our love that will be a pest
Itís over, itís ended, itís died a useless zest
Will I live, will I die, will my heart ever survive
Will she care, will she hurt, will her love ever reciprocate
When itís over, when itís done, maybe then our souls can move on
One day, one time, in the future our love will find a place of kind where our hearts will be over being over us