Krazy Glue

July, 2010 ~ Dennis Fountaine

Hearts are like tempered glass, which chip and crack through life and love’s attacks
Our Hearts hurt and bruise with each love we loose
Until they break and shatter beyond repair
And then we’re left with nothing but despair
Since I care, I thought real hard about what I could to help repair
So I squeezed out all the love in my Heart and made it into All Purpose Krazy Glue
Now my love can be the flame that melts the steel in your heart and the sun that shines a light on your soul
It can mend the broken pieces of your heart or the crack in your cereal bowl
Any time day or night my love is here, in this little tube for whenever you come unglued or you’re just feeling blue
Just give it a squeeze and apply to any clean surface, my love for you is ALL PURPOSE KRAZY GLUE