Deja Vu All Over You

September 25, 2008 ~ Dennis Fountaine

It’s déjà vu again when I’m all over you.
The seasons change but I still remember you.
The sun sets and the moon is full and I think I’m through,
but it comes again and then it’s déjà vu all over again.
I remember you.
The Milky Way guides my way, I find you here
and then you disappear, ‘cause it’s déjà vu again all over you.
Was it this life or the last that brought it on again?
I remember you.
Was it apple seeds or summer breezes that made you last?

All I know is that it’s déjà vu again all over you.
I never wanted to forget, but my life’s past couldn’t last,
since you were beyond my grasp and then it was cast
and now it’s déjà vu again and I have to laugh
since all I want to do is be all over you.