For my BUBBLE ~ Dennis Fountaine

Thereís a dark hole in my soul every time our hearts are cold
But then you become the sun that shines a light on my soul
Every time I think itís done you blow a Bubble in the shape of my heart, just for fun
The Bubble expands and captures our hands until we are inside
And then the Bubble bursts causing more hurt as the love rushes out
But then I become the rain that sprinkles your garden as you grow
As our Bubble fills the holes in our souls with the love that escaped
We contemplate and complicate as we commiserate and cooperate
But then you become the moon that lights up my darkest nights
As our Bubble floats us to a time when it all was all alright
Just you and I in that Bubble above,
safe from all that would do us wrong
But then I become the blood that rushes to your head,
as our hearts begin to touch and our souls erase the dread
that burst our Bubble red
But then we become the Bubble that floats away until all time passes away
And then the Bubble bursts and we begin again